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Taste of ChesCo 2024 Recap!

Jul 5, 2024 | Uncategorized

The Alliance for Health Equity (AHE) hosted a successful fundraising event, Taste of ChesCo, aimed at addressing the shortage of healthy food options in Coatesville. Held on a bright summer evening, the event brought together community members, local businesses, and nonprofit organizations to celebrate and support a healthier future for Coatesville residents.

Kevin Ressler, President and CEO of AHE, emphasized the importance of collaboration in tackling community challenges. “The way the alliance works and will continue to work is through collaboration to find the most efficient opportunities for success for every nonprofit in this community. We work as organizations to solve problems in the community,” Ressler stated. He went on to announce a new grant process that awards organizations $250,00 then faces them with a challenge and opportunity. Over the next twelve months those organizations will have the opportunity to raise money for the projects and The Alliance for Health Equity will match it dollar for dollar. His words echoed the event’s theme of unity and collective action.

A central theme of the event was educating the community on the use of food as a form of medicine. AHE is committed to ensuring that Coatesville residents have access to nutritious and reasonably priced food. Proceeds from Taste of ChesCo will go towards supporting AHE’s initiatives, which aim to provide education on healthy eating and ensure the community has access to the resources needed for a balanced diet.

Taste of ChesCo featured an array of activities designed to engage and entertain attendees while promoting the mission of AHE. Some of the notable highlights included:

  • Taste of ChesCo 2024 Food Vendor Award: This year’s award went to Jamoca Harkins, owner of Butter Pecan Cafe. Her culinary contributions stood out for their quality and creativity.
  • Chester County Scholarship Recipient Highlights: The event recognized local scholarship recipients, celebrating their achievements and encouraging educational pursuits within the community.
  • Silent Auction: Attendees had the opportunity to bid on a variety of items, with proceeds directly supporting AHE’s initiatives.
  • Photo Booth: A popular attraction, the photo booth allowed guests to capture memories of the evening.
  • Outdoor Games and S’mores Bar: Families enjoyed an assortment of outdoor games and a cozy s’mores bar, adding a fun and relaxed atmosphere to the event.

The success of Taste of ChesCo 2024 highlights the community’s dedication to addressing health disparities and promoting well-being. Through events like this, AHE continues to make significant strides in ensuring that Coatesville residents have the knowledge and resources to lead healthier lives.

The collaborative efforts of local nonprofits, businesses, and community members at Taste of ChesCo demonstrate a shared commitment to creating a healthier and more equitable future for all.

Posted by Monica Ferguson

After earning her Bachelors in Marketing, Monica joined the team as the Director of 19320GO! and Marketing Coordinator at Valley Crossing Digital. She is excited about earning her Masters of Business Administration this year and promoting continued growth in Coatesville.

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