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Spotlight Series: Alyssa Brown

Jun 28, 2024 | Coatesville

Alyssa Brown, a dedicated community advocate, has significantly impacted Coatesville through her diverse roles and volunteer efforts. Born at Brandywine Hospital and raised in Coatesville, Alyssa’s roots run deep in her hometown. Her passion for working with children and animals led her to the SPCA in West Chester and eventually to a career as a registered behavior health technician.

As Miss Coatesville in 2023 and 2024, Alyssa is a prominent figure in the community, embodying the role model she wishes she had growing up. In the next year, she will take a break from pageantry, including her participation in the Miss For America Strong Pageant System and her run for Miss PA, to concentrate on her career, volunteer work, and modeling.

Alyssa’s volunteer efforts are extensive and varied. Living next to the YMCA, she combined her love for basketball and volunteering by coaching and assisting with family events and the food pantry. She also participates in events and volunteers for La Mancha Animal Rescue. Her commitment to service is driven by her desire to provide the support and opportunities she found valuable in her own life.

Alyssa’s involvement with Arts Holding Hands and Hearts (AHHAH) began in early 2024 after meeting Jan Michener, founder of the organization, at the YMCA. She quickly connected with AHHAH’s mission, particularly their Step Up Step Out (SUSO) Program and filmmaking initiative. As someone who faced similar temptations and challenges growing up in Coatesville, Alyssa finds purpose in helping youth through these programs. She believes that reading was a crucial escape for her, and through the Imagination Library, she aims to ensure every child has access to books, fostering a lifelong love for reading.

The SUSO Program, which focuses on leadership and empowerment, and the filmmaking program have been instrumental in Alyssa’s journey. She sees the excitement in the children who participate, noting how these activities provide them with something to look forward to and help them develop coping skills. Alyssa’s own confidence has grown through her involvement, as she shares her experiences and creates a sense of community and love for the children.

Alyssa’s overarching goal is to help as many people as possible, both youth and adults. She believes her lived experiences uniquely position her to relate to and understand the challenges faced by this community. By sharing her journey, she hopes to inspire and support those around her, reinforcing the idea that anyone can overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams.

Alyssa J. Brown exemplifies dedication, compassion. Her work in Coatesville, through various roles and organizations, continues to make a lasting impact on the community she loves.

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Posted by Monica Ferguson

After earning her Bachelors in Marketing, Monica joined the team as the Director of 19320GO! and Marketing Coordinator at Valley Crossing Digital. She is excited about earning her Masters of Business Administration this year and promoting continued growth in Coatesville.

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