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What does it mean to Partner with 19320GO?

19320GO! is the greater Coatesville area’s publication for highlighting positive stories, news, and events regarding Downtown Coatesville and the 19320 ZIP code.

The goal of 19320GO! is to create a space for the positive stories of the area to be consolidated, highlighted, and elevated.

Our team is seeking partnerships with local businesses and nonprofits located within the 19320 ZIP code. We are currently offering one partnership level of $1,000/year.

Your 19320-based Business or Nonprofit can partner with 19320GO and receive the following benefits:

1.) One Post per Month Highlighting Your Business or Organization – These can then be featured on your website, social media profiles, and more.

2.) 20% of Your Partnership Spend Goes Towards Paid Advertising Efforts – We allocate 20% of any partnership spend towards Paid Advertising for your business or organization throughout the year. For example, a $1,000 partnership will include $200 of Paid Advertising Promotion throughout the year. We could decide to promote 8 posts throughout the year for $25 each, or promote 4 posts throughout the year for $50 each for no additional charge to you. 

3.) Custom Branding and Landing Page Creation on the 19320GO! Website – For a partnership of $1,000/year, our team will create and maintain a custom landing page on our site for your business or organization. This landing page will contain a business/organization description, photo gallery, a gallery of your previous posts on our platform, and a custom contact form that will send a message directly to your organization representative. 

4.) Logo featured on all newsletters and webpages  – Your logo, redirecting to your 19320GO! landing page, will be featured on our Monthly Newsletter as well as on the sidebar of all posts, the website homepage, and elsewhere throughout the website.

Interested in moving forward or learning more? Send an email to monica@valleycrossingdigital to get started.

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