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Koselig Nook: After Dark Teahouse Ribbon Cutting

Jul 9, 2024 | Ribbon Cutting

Residents of Coatesville are in for a treat as the Midway Arts building welcomes its newest tenant, Koselig Nook, with a grand opening celebration that promises to redefine evening leisure. Koselig Nook, pronounced “Koosh-lee” or “Koose-lee,” is not just another teahouse—it’s a sanctuary designed for the quiet moments after dusk. Nestled inside the bustling Midway Arts building, this charming establishment invites patrons to experience the Norwegian concept of ‘Koselig,’ a term that encapsulates the feeling of warmth and contentment.

The grand opening event will showcase the Nook’s unique ambiance, offering a third space for locals beyond their work and home environments. Whether you seek meaningful connections with fellow patrons or moments of serene solitude, Koselig Nook promises to be the perfect retreat.

Aracelis and Victoria, a mother-daughter duo, bring a wealth of experience in creating memorable tea experiences. Aracelis founded “Angels of my Heart,” a beloved tea party business for young girls in the early 2000s, while Victoria eagerly joined in the magical atmosphere from a young age.

Now, their shared passion has blossomed into Koselig Nook, a new retreat in Midway offering a cozy, socks-only atmosphere. Join us as we celebrate their journey of enchantment and community at Koselig Nook—a place where joy and connection thrive, regardless of age.

A notable feature of Koselig Nook is its “Shoes-Free Zone” policy. Visitors are kindly asked to wear socks when inside the teahouse, as bare feet are not permitted. This rule aims to maintain cleanliness and comfort for all guests, aligning with the Nook’s commitment to providing a cozy and hygienic environment.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony and grand opening celebration will take place on July 11th, from 5-7pm. Everyone is invited to join in the festivities, sample Koselig Nook’s specialty teas, and experience firsthand the allure of this new addition to the Midway Arts community.

Posted by Monica Ferguson

After earning her Bachelors in Marketing, Monica joined the team as the Director of 19320GO! and Marketing Coordinator at Valley Crossing Digital. She is excited about earning her Masters of Business Administration this year and promoting continued growth in Coatesville.

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