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Epiphany CPR: Life-Saving Training and Certification in Coatesville

Jan 19, 2024 | Coatesville, Downtown

In 2022, Terri Pogue and Brandi Jordan, both seasoned Licensed Nursing Professionals with over 40 years of combined experience, embarked on a mission to enhance community safety through comprehensive training and certification programs. Epiphany CPR operates under the umbrella of the Made in Coatesville Incubator, providing not only retail business opportunities but also crucial service businesses aimed at equipping individuals with life-saving skills.

Services Offered:

  1. Basic Life Support for Providers:
    Epiphany CPR’s BLS certification class is meticulously crafted, fact-checked, and reviewed by qualified medical professionals and subject matter experts. This program ensures that healthcare professionals and community members alike receive top-notch training in basic life support.
  2. Adult and Pediatric CPR Training:
    The comprehensive Adult and Pediatric CPR Training course offered by Epiphany CPR empowers individuals with life-saving skills. Participants gain confidence in handling emergencies and making a difference in critical moments, making them invaluable assets in times of crisis.
  3. First Aid:
    Epiphany CPR recognizes the importance of being prepared for emergencies. Their First Aid classes provide hands-on training, expert guidance, and cover a wide variety of topics and readiness techniques. This empowerment ensures that individuals are well-equipped to respond effectively to various emergency situations.
  4. Initial CPR Certification:
    Embarking on the journey to CPR proficiency begins with Epiphany CPR’s Initial Certification classes. Participants learn essential life-saving techniques, earning a certification that contributes to building a safer community. This program is designed for individuals seeking to acquire fundamental CPR skills.
  5. CPR Certification Renewals:
    Epiphany CPR offers specialized classes for renewing CPR certifications. These classes allow participants to stay current on life-saving techniques, refresh their skills, and maintain their certifications. The emphasis on continuous learning reinforces a commitment to safety within the community.
  6. AED Training:
    Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are critical devices in emergency situations. Epiphany CPR’s AED Training classes provide specialized skills in using these devices. Through hands-on practice, participants enhance their life-saving abilities, elevating their preparedness to respond effectively in critical situations.

Epiphany CPR, founded by experienced healthcare professionals, goes beyond offering essential training and certification services. It actively contributes to building a safer community by empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to respond effectively to emergencies. As a vital component of the Made in Coatesville Incubator as one of only a few services offered, Epiphany CPR stands as a beacon of community resilience and preparedness, making a significant impact on the well-being of individuals and the community at large.

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Posted by Monica Ferguson

Monica is a senior at West Chester University studying Digital Marketing. She is excited about moving to Chester County and eventually starting her career there after graduation.

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