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Coatesville Awarded Grant to Focus on Critical Stormwater Mitigation

Jul 28, 2023 | Coatesville, Downtown

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has awarded the City of Coatesville a $621,360 Flood Mitigation Assistance grant to design and engineer long-term resilience solutions to reduce the potential for flooding in the city.

Flood management and mitigation quickly rose to the top of the city’s priority list in 2021 when the city experienced several unprecedented rainfall events, including Hurricane Ida, that left more than 130 homeowners and renters without a place to live. It was estimated that more than $100 million in residential and infrastructure damage resulted from Ida’s path of destruction.

The city engaged Cedarville Engineering Group to evaluate the stormwater mitigation system and infrastructure. Among the findings, the Gibbons Run Culvert, which runs under Ash Park and west to the Brandywine, was identified as a significant choke point. The culvert was overwhelmed by runoff and unable to transport enough stormwater from the area to reduce or prevent flooding.

Source: VISTA.Today. Read the full article by Leah Mikulich here: https://vista.today/2023/07/coatesville-stormwater-mitigation/

Posted by Braedon Swindler

Braedon is the founder of Valley Crossing Digital and 19320GO! Having lived in Coatesville since 2021, Braedon enjoys bringing new technology innovations to the greater Coatesville area.

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