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Chef Phil Ferro to Open 30 Prime in Historic Coatesville Bank Building Next Year

Sep 22, 2023 | Downtown

Phil Ferro, the acclaimed chef and restaurateur behind Chadd’s Ford Tavern and Kings Tavern, has finally acquired The National Bank of Coatesville building. It is located at 112 E Lincoln Hwy. He plans to open his newest concept, 30 Prime Seafood and Chophouse, when renovations are completed sometime next year.

According to Ferro, 30 Prime will offer a different promotion each night of the week, such as a prime rib night, a snow crab night, and a buck-a-shuck clam and shrimp cocktail night, capitalizing on a loss leader strategy to get people in the door.

Likewise, Ferro says that the basement of the 5,400-square-foot building will house an events space that can host baby showers, bridal showers, and community events. He told Philly Voice that the basement will also be open daily for lunch, “as a business express buffet with chicken, fish, pasta, salad, and soup.”

While it took Ferro some three years to get the Bank Building project off the ground, it nonetheless allowed him to parlay the venture into a few other concepts and deals, including a brewpub, an exclusive agreement with the nearby Velodrome development, and even a YouTube channel, Million Dollar Chef.

While working on the Bank Building agreement, Ferro met the owner of a building three doors down, Mark Milanese, who had envisioned putting a brewery in the space for the past 30 years. The result will be Steel City Brewing, opening later this year. Ferro, after renovating King’s Tavern, is becoming something of a seasoned pro at turning otherwise derelict buildings into thriving restaurants.

YouTube Channel to Reflect Revitalization of Coatesville and follow 30 Prime Seafood and Chophouse at National Bank

As such, in an effort to document what is sure to be a fascinating process at the National Bank of Coatesville, he recently launched a YouTube channel, Million Dollar Chef.

“The YouTube channel came about because of the buildings – because we wanted to document the revitalization of Coatesville somehow. So it was my idea to brand it the Million Dollar Chef, to show people we’ll take an abandoned building that nobody wanted and turn it into a million dollar property.”

Ferro continues, “Once we get into the construction we’ll start releasing more episodes about why we do things the way we do, how to take a bank building with 18-inch think concrete floors and vaults, and how to transform that into a restaurant.”

To follow along with the Million Dollar Chef and the saga of the National Bank of Coatesville project, amongst others, check out the YouTube channel here. For the full, unedited article by Drew Pittock, please visit WhatNowPhilly.com

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Posted by Monica Ferguson

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