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Cambria Homes Transformed by Habitat for Humanity of Chester County

Apr 26, 2024 | Coatesville

The Coatesville community is undergoing a remarkable metamorphosis, all thanks to the steadfast dedication of Habitat for Humanity of Chester County. At the core of this transformation stands Cambria Homes, a project that epitomizes the organization’s commitment to fostering enduring change through collaboration and ingenuity.

Initiated in 2001, the Cambria Homes project embarked on revitalizing a once-dilapidated area, breathing life into it with 86 mixed-income homes spread across Coatesville (Cambria Terrace) and South Coatesville (Cambria Heights). Formerly a zone of deteriorated public housing, this neighborhood now stands as a testament to the potency of community-driven initiatives.

Starting with the Housing Authority of Chester County and culminating with Habitat for Humanity of Chester County, this endeavor has been years in the making. As the final touches are being put in place, anticipation mounts for a grand dedication back to Coatesville, symbolizing not just the completion of construction, but the restoration of hope and opportunity to the area’s residents.

Reflecting on the project’s impact, Christy Kane, Director of Development and Marketing at Habitat for Humanity of Chester County, remarked, “If you look at what the Oak Street Projects were and what Cambria is now, it has completely changed the landscape of that area and engaged the community in the affordable housing process.” Beyond merely providing shelter, the neighborhood endeavors to build generational wealth and alter the course of lives for its residents.

Strategic partnerships with local entities including government, corporations, churches, and foundations have been pivotal to the project’s success. The County of Chester played a particularly crucial role in securing the property and providing additional funding for infrastructure enhancements. These alliances enabled Habitat for Humanity to access affordable materials and engage volunteers through team builds, ensuring homes remain affordable and energy-efficient.

“As the Cambria Homes project nears its completion, Habitat for Humanity of Chester County looks toward future endeavors,” Kane shared. “Our next phase in the Coatesville area is located in neighboring Caln, where volunteers will build as many as 40 homes on those multi-acre lots over the next few years.”

This unwavering commitment to ongoing community development underscores the organization’s resolve to effect tangible change in the lives of those in need.

For individuals aspiring to become homeowners through Habitat for Humanity’s programs, an application process is in place. Prospective homeowners undergo an educational journey covering housing etiquette, budgeting, and homeownership responsibilities.

The Cambria Homes development serves as a beacon of hope, illustrating what collective effort can achieve in shaping a brighter future. Through their tireless endeavors and the support of many, Habitat for Humanity of Chester County continues to transform lives and communities, one home at a time.

Original article by Helen Harris of Vista.Today. Learn more about Habitat for Humanity of Chester County at www.hfhcc.org. This is where qualified families and individuals who live or work in Chester County can find assistance in becoming homeowners.

Posted by Monica Ferguson

Monica is a senior at West Chester University studying Digital Marketing. She is excited about moving to Chester County and eventually starting her career there after graduation.

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